Join Our Awesome Team

Join Our Awesome Team

Dynamic Beacon is always interested in meeting talented individuals who seek challenging, yet rewarding work at a digital marketing agency that firmly believes happy employees make for happy customers.

All Dynamic Beacon employees embrace our 6 Core Values:

  • Connector.Connector.

    A Drive for Excellence

  • Connector.Connector.

    Confidence with Humility

  • Connector.Connector.

    A Genuine Thirst for Knowledge

  • Connector.Connector.

    Integrity without Compromise

  • Connector.Connector.

    A Belief that Collaboration Breeds Innovation

  • Connector.Connector.

    Grit Never Quits


Account Manager

This position is responsible, among other things, for the layout, visual appearance, and usability of our web-based content produced by our design team for our clients’ website platforms. The Account Manager is also tasked with making continual website updates to ensure content remains current, accurate, and compliance. Hence, this position requires the closest attention to detail. (We cannot emphasize enough the importance of being detail oriented!)

Additionally, the position will require frequent communication (email and phone) with clients to provide updates on the status of projects and tasks.

Graphic Designer

This position is responsible for the design, layout, and overall visual appearance and usability of our web-based content. In any given day, it would not be unusual for the graphic artist to create multiple homepage slides/banners for a website, produce all the graphics for an eNewsletter with 35,000 subscribers, and build the display ads to be used as part of a client’s SEM campaign.

The role demands a combination of both creative and technical skills and the ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines.

Account Support Representative

While the Account Managers are the primary point of contact for our clients, the Account Support Representative plays a crucial role in customer service and client satisfaction.

This position is responsible for coordinating the completion of client projects by providing the Design Team with the necessary information to properly interpret and build the clients’ requested digital assets.

More about working at Dynamic Beacon

While we offer all the perks of working at a maturing start-up, we’re backed by a large, well-established organization offering generous benefits including:

Fidelity 401(k)

15% company match

Health & Dental

Comprehensive Insurance Plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield


Incentives for work-at-home opportunities

Just a little bit more…

We cannot emphasize enough how fast-paced our business is with demanding clients and tight deadlines. However, we work hard to create an environment that is fun and relaxed.

Please send us a message below for more information about available positions