At Dynamic Beacon, what’s most important to us is sending the absolute best emails we can for our dealer clients.

It’s why we extensively test rendering and deliverability through Litmus, use Google UTM tracking codes for a complete picture of campaign performance, and send directly through your CRM for complete transparency.

Our Monthly Email Marketing package is here to send relevant and timely dealership sales events and promotions to your working prospects and existing owner base.


  • 2 Sales-Related Email Campaigns
  • Custom eNewsletter (Promoting All Dealership Profit Centers) Once Every Other Month




Unfortunately, right now your CRMs automated lead follow-up emails do zero to differentiate you from your competition. In fact, they are most likely identical to the dealership down the street from you if you share the same CRM.

Dynamic Beacon’s CRM Lead Follow-up builds a completely custom lead follow-up schedule for your prospective buyers and sold customers. The emails we build introduce your Why Buy message, showcase your special offers, present money-saving alternative offers that customers love, and more.

And, our post purchase automated email follow-up ensures your customers know you’re intentions to provide an exceptional ownership experience.


Internet Only Lead Follow-Up Price:


Complete CRM Lead & Sold Customer
Follow-Up Price:



Stop treating Fixed Ops like the back-end of your dealership and start treating it like the backbone.

As vehicle profit margins continue to shrink, smart dealers are doing everything they can to improve the promotion of their true profit center, Fixed Operations.

This Fixed Ops Promotion package provides you web content, in-store print signage, emails all centered on a compelling Why Service Here Message to differentiate you from the competition (including the independents).


  • Service & Parts Department Landing Pages
  • Standard Maintenance Schedule
  • Service Coupons
  • 2 Posters + Display Stand
  • 2 CRM Emails (1 Part Of Lead Follow-Up + 1 Service Intro Post Purchase)
  • 4 Additional Content Landing Pages (ie. Oil Change, Tires, Brakes & Dash Light Indicator)
  • Create Why Service Here Message




Retention is the name of the game with Service. Prevent service defection with Dynamic Beacon’s custom-tailored service marketing campaigns.

Starting first with recurring Service Reminder emails, based on time & mileage*, with relevant, specific subject line & pre-header text, our Reminders receive strong engagement (both in open + click-through rates). All emails link customers back to your dealership’s online service scheduler & service coupon pages.

In addition to the Service Reminder emails, we also layer in email content to entice customers who might be on the verge of defecting to a 3rd party independent. These Service Defector campaigns are highly effective for getting those ‘lost souls’ back into your service drive.

These reminders do a great job especially when combined with our Fixed Ops Promotion package. Dynamic Beacon is able to fully leverage the Fixed Ops Value Proposition in all of your Recurring Reminders.



*Dependent on the dealership subscribing to a fixed ops send platform w/ DMS access.


Today, the fight to convince automotive shoppers to buy from you is won and lost on the digital battlefield.

Stand out in the sea of sameness with a unique value proposition, custom-tailored to fit your dealership and demonstrate why car shoppers should choose your store over the competition.

This Why Buy package delivers web creative content, in-store print signage, and email collateral, all focused on promoting your Why Buy Here Message to differentiate you from the competition.


  • Why Buy Message Landing Page
  • Search Results Page (SRP) & Vehicle Details Page (VDP) Graphic Tile
  • Homepage Slide
  • Promotion Of Customer Testimonials Throughout Entire Website
  • Email Content woven Into CRM Action Plan Promoting The Value Proposition
  • 2 Hanging Bangers Leveraging The ‘Why Buy’




Upcoming Sales Event that needs promotion? This package provides you everything you need both online and in-store to make the event a real success for your dealership.

Need help coming up with a sales event that will really motivate car buyers? No problem. We know what works at getting purchasers in your showroom.


  • 2 Email Sends
  • Homepage Slide
  • SRP/VDP Header
  • Landing Page
  • Printed Hanging Banner
  • Facebook Ad/Display Ad



  • They listen and help us develop our ideas to a finished product that exceeds our expectations. Very professional to work with and always make us feel valued.

    – Jerry Stitzel, Toyota of Sylacauga