CRM Lead Follow-Up

We can’t tell you how often we meet dealerships whose Why Buy messaging, attractive special promotions, persuasive customer testimonials, and more are nowhere to be found within in the emails that comprise their CRM lead follow-up.

Instead, the correspondence is the CRM’s generic follow-up that communicates little more than, “It’s been some time since you inquired about a car purchase. What information can I give you?”

It’s a real travesty. And, if you’re one of these dealers it’s costing you sales each and every month.

Dynamic Beacon’s CRM Lead Follow-up builds a completely custom lead follow-up schedule for your prospective buyers and sold customers. The emails we build introduce your Why Buy message, showcase your special offers, present money-saving alterative offers that customers love, and more. These emails help you gain car shoppers’ trust and differentiate your dealership from the competition, significantly increasing the likelihood they buy from you.

And, our post purchase automated email follow-up ensures your customers know you’re intentions to provide an exceptional ownership experience.

Automated sold email follow up includes an online review request, an introduction to your service department, an invitation to join your social media channels, and more. It’s all in effort to ensure your dealership is always top of mind when your customer has a vehicle need.

We encourage you to learn more about our email marketing services and the efforts we make to send the best possible email on behalf of your dealership.
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