One of the biggest differentiators for Dynamic Beacon’s email marketing occurs even before the email is ever sent. And, that’s the extensive testing we do with Litmus Email Builder.

Responsive Design

SPAM Tested

Google UTM Tracking

Designed For Your CRM

First, we test for deliverability. We want to ensure the emails we create are going to pass through spam filters and into the email recipient’s inbox. (You can have the best email in the world, but if it ends up in the junk folder, it’s all for not).

Second, we test for rendering. 53% of all email opens happen on mobile devices. Our fluid-hybrid design ensures the emails we build for our dealer clients look great regardless of whether it’s opened on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. The design code also promises that regardless of the mail client (i.e. be it Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and more) there’s a great, consistent look to the email.

Another one of the big differentiators for our email marketing is that we design to send through your dealership’s CRM, not an outside platform. This way it’s attached to the customer record and the sales team has full visibility into the marketing message of the email without having to go hunt for it.

Tracking email performance is critical for future email success.

We’re closely evaluating click rates, open rates, unsubscribe rates, and a number of other performance metrics. These metrics play a vital role as we build future email campaigns for our dealer clients. But, they’re really only half the conversion equation.

We also use Google UTM tracking codes to understand what happens when an email recipient moves from their email inbox to the dealer’s website. As a result, all website behavior gets recorded in Google Analytics.

By evaluating previous email performance each and every future email can become better and better. At Dynamic Beacon, what’s most important to us is sending the absolute best emails we can for our dealer clients.

  • They listen and help us develop our ideas to a finished product that exceeds our expectations. Very professional to work with and always make us feel valued.

    – Jerry Stitzel, Toyota of Sylacauga