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Dynamic Beacon has partnered with ReachLocal to complement our custom services and comprehensively expand our digital media capabilities.

ReachLocal is a global company with a presence in 14 countries. They are the only global partner of Google and considered their best strategic partner in North America.
  • Founded 2004
    14,315 Active Clients
    201+ Leads
  • 4 Regions
    Global Headquarters

ReachLocal has developed an in-house demand side platform for managing robust display campaigns, adjusting creative and implementing real-time bidding methods.

  • In-house technology for display optimization
  • Real-time bidding utilized
  • Direct server interface with major ad exchanges including DoubleClick and Right Media among others
  • In-house ad servers
  • Extensive reach to over 90% of all publisher sites that offer inventory to DSPs and exchanges — includes all major ComScore sites

ReachLocal possesses a comprehensive array of display solutions. Here are some:


Targeting users who have previously visited your website as they surf the web


Targeting based on your location and your competitor’s locations


Targeting terms relevant to the vertical community


Targeting content with terms relevant to targeted vertical


Targeting on sides with content relevant to vertical products


Targeting users from an existing database

ReachLocal has full API integration with FaceBook. This allows all ad types and targeting techniques to be utilized. In addition, ReachLocal can overlay additional targeting techniques not available to other FaceBook advertisers.

Growth on Social & Mobile

Reach consumers everywhere across Facebook web and mobile

Customized Campaigns

Advertise your business with multiple custom campaigns and advertising creative that drives engagement

Predictive Targeting

Reach the right audience(s) with custom, proven targeting options

End-to-End Management

Your marketing expert works with you to manage campaigns specifically designed for your business

Facebook Advertising

Put the world’s leading social media site to work for your business with a powerful, local Facebook advertising program. From custom setup and targeting to expertise in creative and campaign management, our solution delivers on any business objective.

  • Meet your target audience’s growing interest in mobile and social media.
  • Reach a broader audience with engaging ads, calls to action, and targeting capabilities.
  • Rely on our experts to create cost-effective advertising programs for your specific goals.

YouTube Advertising

ReachLocal is Google’s only local video partner. This allows for dealers to use the full array of preroll video advertising. The guaranteed cost per view is more competitive than cable TV or broadcast TV ads. As well, the level of targeting is higher.

Leveraging Google’s Only
Local Video Partner


Programmatic Video Advertising

Drive higher engagement, response, and traffic with unique video ads on premium YouTube inventory

Personalized, Local Targeting

Reach niche local audiences at the exact times they’re watching videos for maximum impact

Optimized & Measurable Ads

See results like impressions, reach, and brand response – and only pay for completed reviews

End to End Management

We work with you to determine campaign strategy, schedule your ads and report your results